Employee Testimonials

I enjoy working for STARS School Services because of the profound impact it allows me to have on a child’s development throughout their school years. The continuing education provided and team approach allows us to collaborate with other professionals and enhance our knowledge on a variety of disabilities and services. As a working mother, I feel as if STARS provides me with flexibility to personally and professionally accomplish my goals in life.
Masters of Occupational Therapy
I have worked as an occupational therapist assistant for STARS School Services since March 2000. Working in the school setting allows me to help shape the future of the students I serve. STARS’ provides the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest treatment interventions. I am part of an outstanding therapy team and could not imagine working for any other company.
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Working for STARS School Services has been wonderful for me and my family! I took the opportunity to be employed by STARS immediately following graduation. I received fantastic guidance and orientation from my supervisor and fellow employees which has helped me to become more confident in my field. STARS’ has given me the best of both worlds: Experience in a school setting combined with flexibility that is perfect for my family!
Speech Language Pathologist
Working for STARS continues to be a very rewarding experience for me. I get the opportunity to work with wonderful children, teachers, and therapists on a daily basis. We all work together as a team in order to promote as much independence in our students as possible. Since I get to work with students in all grades, I get to see the impact of what I do across all settings. I also appreciate the flexibility of my schedule so that I can make time for family commitments.
-J. B., MPT
Physical Therapist
Being employed by STARS School Services is an exciting and rewarding experience. Working within a school setting alongside a team of teachers, therapists and support staff to provide children with an individualized set of goals to help them reach their full potential is fulfilling position. It is play with a purpose to help kids develop their gross motor milestones while watching them learn and grow. From pre-K to high school, I have the opportunity to positively impact children’s lives as they impact mine.
-A. W., PTA
Physical Therapy Assistant